May 13, 2013

what can I say other than perfection.  This beautiful family asked me to help them announce baby number 2 on the way!  THe photos turned out so cute and I LOVE photographing them!  Gianna is a doll….can’t get enough of her!


DSC_7652 copyDSC_7591 copy DSC_7585 copy DSC_7571 copy DSC_7475 copy DSC_7443 copy DSC_7036 copy DSC_7113 copy DSC_7123 copy DSC_7182 copy DSC_7265 copy DSC_7442 copy DSC_7029 copy DSC_6999 copy DSC_6986 copy DSC_6969 copy DSC_6967 copy DSC_6955 copy DSC_6903 copy DSC_6899 copy DSC_6856 copy DSC_6841 copy DSC_6838 copy DSC_6828 copy DSC_6660 copy DSC_6749 copy DSC_6753 copy DSC_6779 copy DSC_6800 copy DSC_6810 copy DSC_6534 copy DSC_6520 copy

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