May 13, 2013

Well after 9 months flew by, we sold one place, bought another, moved in, settled and waited for baby number 2.  We can finally say he is here!  Dante Vincent arrived April 5th at 12:28 pm he weighed 9lbs and was 20.5 inches long…yeah that explained my GIANT belly!  Here are a few pics of the little man below.  He is already in 3 to 6 month clothes and getting bigger.  He loves to eat!!!  My favorite thing about him are his eyes…when they are actually open which right now doesn’t last that long.  I look at his eyes and melt, he is super charming and sweet.  We are so in love.   Ava is adjusting to her new role as big sister now, it was a bit tricky at first as everything was all about her for 2 straight years:)  She has become a huge help and she usually has a way with him if he is crying for no reason, she makes him smile:)  So happy and tired at the same time.  Life is fantastic, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I have my complete family now.  I have worked a little bit here and there but I have slowed way down as it is still hard to leave him for too many hours during the day.  So it might be a while before I can schedule you.  Thanks for your patience of course, I am enjoying my role as full time mom for now:)


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