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11:23 am

I came across this photo today looking for another photo….Heather is so beautiful!  I loved this wedding!

11:14 am

Had to post these fabulous detail shots from Raquel and Roberts Wedding:)  Family and friends helped her achieve this adorable wedding decor.


2:58 pm

A beautiful day, a beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple in San Diego:)




9:56 pm

I love love love Jessica.  She is a fellow photog that I met a few years back and I just adored her from day one.  I love a couple that thinks outside the box!  This shoot was so much fun and I just had to post them.  Jessica and Tyler recently moved to Spain.  I know….jealous!  I hooked them up with a dear friend from high school, miss Jule Chrysler.  They became fast friends as I knew they would and it makes me feel good to know they had a connection in their new world.  I love hearing about their adventures!  Follow Jessican’s BLOG!


8:35 pm

The Wedding day finally came, after all their hard work and planning and close attention to detail.  So many aspects were handmade, hand picked, everything was special.  Skye wanted it to be perfect and I think she achieved just that!  Here are a few of my favorites from their big day!!!

skye has 9 brothers!

12:46 pm

Loved this wedding!  Raquel is truly an old soul…every detail in this wedding was handmade (with love) by herself, mom and bridesmaids.  In fact I am pretty sure everyone on both sides of the wedding party chipped in!  Even down to the mini heart shaped pies!  Here are some teasers of their special day as well as some from the engagement shoot.  Ps, lovely, kind, funny, amazing couple, they just rock!




I had to post this because poor Robert carried around 2 chairs for us for around 2 hours...up and down hills...I felt so bad for him! HA!