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2:35 pm

Bonnie is a dear friend of mine and it was an honor photographing her beautiful family!  Bonnie was pregnant with her 3rd child here, at the time they did not know the gender, they chose to keep it a surprise!  Also she is tiny!!!!  Baby Isaac was born on September 8th weighing 3 lbs 5 oz.  He is doing wonderful and should be home any day now and I can’t wait to take pictures of him:)


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2:12 pm

what can I say other than perfection.  This beautiful family asked me to help them announce baby number 2 on the way!  THe photos turned out so cute and I LOVE photographing them!  Gianna is a doll….can’t get enough of her!


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9:38 am

I couldn’t wait to shoot my friend Cindy’s bump!  We went down to State Beach in SC one Sunday afternoon which turned out to be gorgeous!  Cindy now has her little bundle Jacob Ryan.  Yes, Jake Ryan…the name that brings every girl back to 16 candles and falling madly in love with Molly Ringwalds Crush.  Anyway, that Jake has nothing on Jacob, this little boy is so adorable!  I can’t wait to take photos of him (coming soon).  Congrats to my friends!  LOVE YOU TONS!  xoxo


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6:54 am

Jules Ford Maternity has introduced a line of maternity wear that feature flattering silhouettes and innovative twists on classic styles. The creative vision of young designer Julia Christensen was inspired by her own experience when she was pregnant with her son, Ford. “When I was expecting it was a constant struggle to find clothes that not only fit well, but were also beautiful and well made. I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one piece that would be out of style by the time I was on to my next pregnancy.” Hence, Jules Ford Maternity was born. All of the clothes are handmade down to the very last detail. One of the most unique elements about JFM is that the entire line was created so that one can get just as much use out of the pieces during and after pregnancy, especially during those “in between” months without sacrificing style. It’s the un-maternity of maternity wear.