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Adorable little man!!


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We photographed Christie and Sean’s Maternity shoot at Casper’s Park, what an incredible day it was, perfect lighting and perfect colors.  Christie gained about 1 lb during her pregnancy, she is just gorgeous and so easy to photograph!  Liam was born shortly after, he is an adorable little boy that looks EXACTLY like this dad!!!!


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Well I have made some amazing friends from my moms group, I mean these women are the best!!!  Terry and I spend a lot of time together, our kids are around the same age and we like the same workouts and gyms and we have about a billion things in common…..I could go on all day.  I love this family dearly and I can’t believe I am posting this from a last years session….Here you go!


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Bonnie is a dear friend of mine and it was an honor photographing her beautiful family!  Bonnie was pregnant with her 3rd child here, at the time they did not know the gender, they chose to keep it a surprise!  Also she is tiny!!!!  Baby Isaac was born on September 8th weighing 3 lbs 5 oz.  He is doing wonderful and should be home any day now and I can’t wait to take pictures of him:)


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I am just about 38 weeks in my pregnancy, I am so uncomfortable and anxiously awaiting Dante’s arrival.   Meanwhile, I seem to be photographing newborns every weekend which makes me want him here even more.  I was never good at waiting…..Not to mention I could really use a glass of wine after chasing my 2 year old around:)  I haven’t had time to post to my blog in so long, I will do my best to get some new stuff up in the next couple of weeks.  Here is a cute smoooooooshy newborn that I met last week, his name is Colter, he is so easy going, no crying, no fussing.  Super calm easy baby, he even sleeps at night.  WHAT?!?!??!

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A year has flown by way too fast.  I remember last december we were at the airport on our way to New Jersey and Ava had just mastered walking right before we got on the plane.  We were so proud of her!  After that milestone it seems like everything was full speed ahead, so fast you can’t keep up!  A lot has happened besides watching her learn more and more everyday.  Last summer we found out we were pregnant, BIG surprise!  We decided to put our house on the market to see what happens and I guess we both figured it would take months to sell.  We had a few offers the first day, in fact we accepted an offer that was over our asking price.  What a blessing that was!  We had to then kick it into high gear and find ourselves a new house.  We put my poor brother in law Adam through the ringer when finding us the amount of bedrooms needed in our budget.  Leaving the beach was really hard, I still miss walking to the beach, but we are very happy in suburbia and we managed to stay in San Clemente, its just home here.  After a stressful move we are all settled and just had an amazing Christmas at home with Ava.  Watching her walk down the stairs to see all the presents Santa left her was priceless.  Poor thing was sick with croup but she managed to pep up for presents:)  Anyway, here are some pics I took in about 10 minutes prior to Christmas for our holiday card….I love how they turned out as hard as it is to chase a 2 year old!


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